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The 2016 T&T NGO Professionals Seminar: Strategic HR for NGOs: Staffing for Your Organisation for Success was 24th May at the Hyatt Trinidad. Watch the videos and download sessions handouts, presentations and case studies at https://ttngonews.com/2016-tt-ngo-professionals-seminar!

Here’s a list of local government funding opportunities for NGOs, CBOs, FBOs and civil society organisations in Trinidad & Tobago. Please note this list is compiled from publicly available information and the grants listed below are subject to being withdrawn or changed by the government.

Inspiring Confidence in Our Neighbourhood (ICON) Fund – Citizen Security Programme, Trinidad & Tobago Ministry of National Security

  • Description: “Inspiring Confidence in Our Neighbourhood is a fund is used to finance micro projects aimed at improving the safety and security of the community or promote the positive development of young people of the community.”
  • Funding Amount: “The maximum funding to any organisation will not exceed TT$30,000 per year. Each community can benefit from no more than four ICON projects per year (one per quarter).”
  • Eligibility: Eligible participants are Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and other Community Based Organisations (CBOs) based within CSP’s partner communities. Applicants may partner with private sector groups, schools or apply jointly with other community based organisations.
  • Link to ICON Grant Application

School Based Violence Prevention Grant – Citizen Security Programme, Trinidad & Tobago Ministry of National Security

  • Description: The CSP has introduced the School Based Violence Prevention Programme which provides grants for a school seeking to address its safety and violence prevention issues.
  • Funding Amount: The maximum grant amount available per initiative is TT$50,000.
  • Eligibility: Schools (pre-school, primary, secondary, tertiary, technical/vocational); Parent/ Teachers Associations; Local School Boards; Student Councils (or other youth-led, school based organisation); Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs). Note: All of the above require the appropriate authorization of the principal and/or the Ministry of Education.
  • Link to Grant Application
  • Description: “This programme provides grants and financial support to organizations seeking to implement poverty alleviation projects.  It is designed to provide the most flexible responses to the financial and resource needs of groups implementing projects and initiatives to combat poverty. The Basket is made up of the following components:”
    • The Small Grants Programme
    • Project Funding for Poverty Alleviation
    • Partnership Funding
    • Community Enterprise Fund
    • The Training and Technical Assistance Fund
    • The Community Support Fund
  • Application Links:

The Regional Micro-Project Fund (RMPF), Trinidad & Tobago Ministry of the People and Social Development and the EU Poverty Reduction Programme Unit

  • Description: Provides micro-grants to non-governmental organisations (NGOs), community based organisations (CBOs) and faith based organisations (FBOs) to finance projects to benefit the poor and vulnerable in their communities.  These grants can also be used to fund joint projects between civil society organisations and government organisations.
  • Eligibility:“To be eligible to access a grant from the Regional Micro Project Fund, NGOs, CBOs and FBOs must meet the following requirements:
  • Funding Amount: The Regional Micro-Project Fund application form A should be completed for projects valued at TT$10,000.00 or more.  Form B should be used for projects under TT$10,000.00.
  • Link to Project Concept Form

The Green Fund, Trinidad & Tobago Ministry of Housing and the Environment

  • Description: “The Green Fund is the National Environmental Fund of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.  This grant facility [generated from a tax levied on corporate entities] is available to Community Groups and Organizations engaged in activities focusing on remediation, reforestation or conservation of the environment.”  It is a grant facility.”
  • Eligibility: “All NGOs and CBOs registered with the Ministry of Community Development or the Tobago House of Assembly or any other body incorporated by or under a law other than the Companies Act, and including non-profit companies incorporated under the Companies Act, that are engaged in activities related to the remediation, reforestation and conservation of the environment.”
  • Funding Amount & Applications: Contact the Green Fund Executing Unit at (868) 623-4663 ext. 2253, 2255, 2272 or email greenfund@mhe.gov.tt.

 (Non-government funding opportunities are listed HERE (link).)

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11 thoughts on “T&T NGO Funding

  1. could you please inform me of the date and time of the NGO Professionals Seminar at the Hyatt Regency on March 15th 2013. Thank you


  2. Good list. Is there a list also of NGO groups and their contact information that is accessible online? A database of important resources would really be useful. I’ve started one for Arima and environs and would appreciate any assistance to make it even more comprehensive and useful to residents and visitors of the Borough alike.

    Much thanks.


  3. Good day,
    I am a final year social work student, I wish to facilitate a project which entails refurbishing a library for a primary school which is not in use due to the condition. Can anyone of these agencies be of any help to this cause?


    • These specific agencies would fund projects within the scope of their operations which your intended project doesn’t fall into. Your project where you should attempt to get funding from the community the school is in from residents, business, NGO’s in the area and to host fundraisers in collaboration with the PTA to generate income for the project.


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