Collaboration is ALIVE

The spirit of collaboration was definitely alive at our 2018 T&T NGO Professionals Seminar hosted by JB Fernandes Memorial Trust II as we delved into this year’s theme- “Strengthening Capacity through Collaboration”.

The Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business auditorium was filled with approximately 140 passionate attendees representing 60 non-governmental organizations throughout Trinidad and Tobago.


Mr. Joseph Fernandes presented the opening remarks on behalf of the JB Fernandes Memorial Trust II and encouraged NGO’s to be innovative and cooperative in their approach to maintain sustainability.



Mr. Mirza Ali-Mohammed got the ball rolling through a thought-provoking collaborative Experiential Learning Ice Breaker Session that thrust attendees straight into collaboration mode. Mr. Ali-Mohammed continued to share his expertise during his interactive workshop; ‘Where Collaboration Meets Communication’.


Addressing the role of leadership within partnerships was Dr. Kamla Mungal, Director, Leadership Institute, ALJGSB. Dr. Mungal discussed various aspects of non-profit sustainability including the importance of engagement and putting egos and personal agendas aside to ensure successful and productive relationships.


Ms. Rissa Edoo National Coordinator, GEF Small Grants Programme, brought remarks from the UNDP also advocated for NGOs to put personalities aside in order to work together to make a difference.


Former President of the Diabetes Association of Trinidad and Tobago, Ms. Zobida Ragbirsingh was a powerhouse of collaborative ideas and experiences as she presented the second speaker address focused on ‘Collaborating for Sustainability: What Partnerships Work Best”. Her vibrant, open and jovial personality provided an enjoyable look into her decades of first-hand experience in building and maintaining partnerships.


Co-founder of the Victim Support Unit, Ms. Loverne Henry’s Deep Dive Workshop on ‘Alliance Building through Strategic Networking’ reinforced the best practices and requirements of NGO’s seeking to develop partnerships with other stakeholders.


No T&T NGO Professionals Seminar would not be complete without the presentation of the prestigious JB Fernandes Award for NGO Excellence. This year, the Dyslexia Association of Trinidad and Tobago received the award which highlighted their innovation, best practices, and partnership among organizations within the non-profit sector in Trinidad and Tobago.


A tearful Cathryn Kelshall, Chairman of the Association received the award and shared some insight into her organization.


This year’s Honourable Mentions for the award included Let’s Read, Ms. Suzette Cadiz and from The Heroes Foundation, Najette Abraham.

Finally, the Cocktails and Networking session brought attendees closer with the hope that new and innovative collaborative efforts were being developed for future initiatives.


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Top 3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Miss the 2017 T&T NGO Professionals Seminar

Every year, T&T NGO Professionals and the JB Fernandes Memorial Trust II hosts dynamic, engaging and memorable seminars geared toward fostering innovation, collaboration and support for NGO’s.

If you have never attended one of our sessions, here are the top three reasons you need to register today:


We’ve designed fully interactive and informative sessions built around our theme ‘Social Entrepreneurship for NGO’s’. Learn from Subject Matter Experts through our various Deep Dive Workshops focused on Social Media Marketing, Brand Storytelling, Grant Proposal Writing, and Finance. Then there is our main speaker’s address, an engaging presentation on the Road Map to Social Entrepreneurship that all NGO’s should be present for.


All NGO’s face issues, so why not learn from shared experiences and brainstorm solutions? There will be so much to learn this year as we delve into the approach of Social Entrepreneurship for NGO’s. The learning outcomes covered in the Deep Dive Workshops, can provide your NGO with the added value of fresh ideas and alternative approaches to current issues.

Be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to meet industry experts face to face. They may be able to provide some guidance or even a few words of inspiration.

  1. YOU!

It’s an opportunity to invest in yourself and break out of your comfort zone! Attending a great conference can force you to think differently and challenges you to improve your skills and advance your career.

You can develop working relationships and even strengthen existing ones as our Seminars fosters the spirit of collaboration and sharing through networking among NGO professionals.

Let the 2017 T&T NGO Professionals Seminar inspire you. The energy of like-minded individuals who yearn to make a difference through their NGO has the ability to ignite or reignite the passion we all share.

So on June 6th, if you are ready to be a part of a dynamic platform that caters to boosting your professional skills while fostering collaboration, then the 2017 T&T NGO Professionals Conference is worth it.

To Register and for more details Contact 645-6700 ext. 299 or email

P.S. Don’t forget to bring lots of business cards!

2017 T&T NGO Professional Seminar

Join us for this year’s T&T NGO Professional Seminar on Tuesday 6th June at the Hyatt Regency Trinidad. To Register and for more details Contact 645-6700 ext 299 or email

Hear from local Social Entrepreneurs and learn from Subject Matter Experts in our Deep Dive Workshops on Social Media Marketing; Brand Storytelling; Grant Proposal Writing and Finance.

We will also present the JB Fernandes Award for NGO Excellence for 2017.

See the below flyer for more details.


How Much Do You Know About Strategic Fundraising?

TTNGO Strategic Fundraising Survey

Click here to take the survey!

This year attendees at the 2015 T&T NGO Professionals Seminar will play the popular TV game show, Family Feud and answer fundraising questions generated from a survey of the T&T NGO sector.

That’s where you come in!

We need members of the sector to take our SURVEY on strategic fundraising. Organisations that complete the survey will be entered into a raffle to win a $300 TT Nigel Khan Booksellers Gift Certificate (all NGOs that complete the survey are eligible to win the gift certificate regardless of if you’re attending the 2015 Seminar).

The deadline to fill out the survey is Thursday, May 14th 2015. 

So fill out the SURVEY today!

Registration has opened for the 2015 T&T NGO Professionals Strategic Fundraising Seminar!

The Institute of International Education, in partnership with Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors is pleased to announce the convening of the 2015 T&T NGO Professionals Seminar – Strategic Fundraising at the Hyatt Regency Trinidad on Thursday, 21st May.

Funded by the JB Fernandes Memorial Trust, this one-day Strategic Fundraising Seminar will be an intensive learning experience for NGO, CBO and civil society professionals in Trinidad and Tobago. The 2015 Seminar also will include a luncheon to honor the winner of the 2015 JB Fernandes Award for NGO Excellence in Trinidad and Tobago.

The Seminar registration fee is $150 TT per person and includes seminar workshop sessions, coffee breaks and entry to the JB Fernandes Award for NGO Excellence luncheon and award ceremony.

Three seminar tracks featuring two concurrent workshop sessions will be offered:

TRACK #1: Budget Development
– Budgeting for the Big Bucks: Budget Development Strategies to Thrive Not Just Survive
– From Good to Great: Maximizing Your Operating Budget and Your Community Impact

TRACK #2: Identifying Fundraising Tools
– Dream Big: Leveraging Tools and Your Network to Gain Financial Ground
– Shaking Things Up: Adapting to the New Fundraising Climate

TRACK #3: Fundraising Communications
– The Art of Wooing and Winning Stakeholders to Grow Your Organization’s Impact
– Relationship and Rapport Maintenance: Innovative Ways to Engage & Grow Your Base

Registration is by organization and there’s a limit of ONE representative per organization. Registration is open until all spots have been filled. You must register in advance for the Seminar by 5th MAY 2015 and payment must be received by 8th MAY 2015. THERE WILL BE NO ON-SITE REGISTRATION.

This year’s Seminar registration includes a placement quiz to learn more about your NGO and assess its current fundraising situation, practices and needs. Seminar organizers and trainers will use the quiz results to help identify the most appropriate workshop sessions for each organizational attendee.

Registered organizations will be notified via an email from about their placement in specific workshop sessions by 15th May 2015.  Link to registration form.

Register Today Trinidad Tobago NGO Professionals Seminar

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2014 Attendee Directory: T&T NGO Professionals Conference

Download the 2014 Attendees T&T NGO Professionals Conference (as of May 11, 2014).

Use the directory to network with the 50+ civil society organisations  in Trinidad & Tobago that attended the conference.  The directory includes a list of conference attendees, their organisations, thematic areas, and contact information including social media accounts.  (Email us at for any updates to the list.)

Identify the organisations in your area of work that  you want to liaise with and reach out to them, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, etc!

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5 Conference Networking Tips: 2014 T&T NGO Professionals Conference

Networking T&T NGO Professionals Conference

1. Make a Plan – Determine who you want to meet before the 2014 T&T NGO Professionals Conference by perusing the conference’s attendee list and agenda, which lists the speakers.  Also, once you’re onsite at the conference, use our special T&T NGO Knowledge Board to list your area(s) of expertise or an area of nonprofit management you want to learn more about and be matched with like-minded organisations.

2. Participate in the Conference Networking Activities & Events – Check out networking activities and events listed in the Conference Networking document including the Donor-Grantee Roundtable session (9am-10:30am) and the Funders-NGO Networking Reception (10:30am-11am) on day one of the conference and the Birds of a Feather Networking Lunch on day two (12:30 pm-2pm).

3. Be Neighborly – Sounds simple right?  But make a point of sitting next to people that you do not know and getting to know them during the opening plenary, workshop sessions, lunches and other conference activities.

4. Don’t Forget Your Business Cards – Bring more cards than you think you will need!  Keep a few in your pockets, purse and even your conference bag.  As you’re collecting cards, take the extra step and write down on the back of the card any pertinent details about the person and their organisation.  Also, try to collect as many cards as you give out.

5. Ask Meaningful Questions Take the time to understand the needs, goals, and concerns of your peers in the sector.  Ask yourself, “How can I best help this person?” rather than “How can this person help me?”

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Agenda for 2014 T&T NGO Professionals Conference

Agenda 2014 T&T NGO Professionals ConferenceDownload the 2014 T&T NGO Professionals Conference AGENDA.

The 2014 T&T NGO Professionals Conference: Fund Development: A Key Strategy for Building Sustainable NGOs will be held at the Hyatt Trinidad on Wednesday, May 14th  and Thursday, May 15th. More details on the conference can be found here.

NOTE: Parking will be validated for conference attendees. Please bring your parking ticket with you on both days for validation at the conference registration desk.

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Registration has opened for the 2014 T&T NGO Professionals Conference!

The Institute of International Education, in partnership with Veni Apwann is proud to host the 2014 T&T NGO Professionals Conference on May 14th and May 15th at the Hyatt Regency Trinidad.  The conference is funded by the JB Fernandes Memorial Trust in partnership with Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors.

The 2014 Conference theme is Fund Development: A Key Strategy for Building Sustainable NGOs and the conference will bring together more than 100 professionals from NGOs, civil society, community based and faith-based organisations in Trinidad and Tobago to network, share challenges and best practices in nonprofit management, and hear from experts on how to create a plan for strategic fund development.

NGO professionals attending the 2014 Conference will engage in dynamic conference sessions, plenaries, breakouts and unique networking opportunities with civil society peers and donors.  Conference sessions and breakouts will focus on helping organisations:

  • Develop strategic funding plans
  • Identify suitable funding opportunities
  • Craft successful grant proposals
  • Learn how to build strong relationships with funders

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Agenda & Attendees for the 2014 T&T NGO Professionals TOBAGO FORUM (March 18th)

Agenda 2014 Tobago NGO Forum

Update: Don’t miss our Key Takeaways: 2014 T&T NGO Professionals TOBAGO FORUM.

The 2014 T&T NGO Professionals TOBAGO FORUM is Tuesday, 18th March 2014 and will explore the role of civil society organisations in Tobago and give local organisations an opportunity to network, discuss challenges and share best practices.

The Forum agenda is available for download here.

Nearly 30 civil society organisations in Tobago are planning to attend the 2014 TOBAGO FORUM: