T&T NGO Resource Roundup: Resources You Can Use!

Are you familiar with all the resources that are available at TTNGONews.com?

Resources range from a local Media Directory to a  regularly updated employment listing of NGO jobs in Trinidad and Tobago and in the region.

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4 FREE High-Impact Communications Tactics for Your NGO

Growing Leaders Foundation Trinidad Tobago

Growing Leaders Foundation Website

1. ESTABLISH A WEBSITE – This is a must-do even it’s just a brochure-style website with basic information on the organisation.

At a minimum, include the following on your organisation’s website:

  • Mission and vision
  • Background on programs
  • Contact information
  • Electronic copies of annual reports
  • list of sponsors and funders (briefly describe what they have funded if possible)
  • News section with links/excerpts to press coverage and awards
  • Board member list and perhaps an organisational chart to help visitors understand your governance structure.

Given that you have complete editorial control here, your website should be the online source for information about the organization rather than your Facebook page or press coverage. Update the site regularly with organisation news, events, volunteer spotlights, job openings, etc. and be sure to include an email subscribe option to collect email addresses.

FREE RESOURCES: WordPress.com; Webs.com; Wix.com; Weebly.com, etc. all offer free turnkey website solutions and templates.

2.  SEND A MONTLHY EMAIL NEWSLETTER – How often do you proactively communicate with funders, members, board members, media, clients, and other stakeholders?

Aim to communicate with them monthly via an email newsletter.  The newsletter can be brief with updates on program news (make these results oriented whenever possible), excerpts and links to articles on your organisation, funding news, details on new partnerships, etc.   Continue reading

5 Easy Tactics for T&T NGO Media Outreach

1. Think beyond the big three – We all read the Trinidad Guardian, Trinidad & Tobago Newsday and the Trinidad Express and you probably pitch to these papers. What about extending your outreach to the other publications like The Tobago News, The Westerly and online media outlets like SouthTnT or Outlish? More details on this here: 5 “New” Media Targets for NGOs in Trinidad & Tobago.

2. Try a fresh pitch – Drop the standard organizational press release for a fresh approach like a Q&A article with your Executive Director (see this post for a link to the article — 4 Tips for T&T NGOs Pulled from Media Coverage). Or what about pitching a feature story focused on a client or committed volunteer (like this one)?  These stories have a higher human interest quotient and effectively draw the reader into the story about your organization.

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5 “New” Media Targets for NGOs in Trinidad & Tobago

Do you only target the three big national daily newspapers – The Trinidad Guardian, Trinidad & Tobago Newsday and Trinidad Express – to cover news about your non-profit organisation?

Think outside the box and approach Trinidad and Tobago’s weekly/monthly newspapers and online media outlets.  Pitch these publications with traditional organisational press releases, ongoing guest columns, letters to the editor, opinion pieces or feature articles.  Your pitches can focus on your nonprofit’s work in the community, success stories about the recipients of the organisation’s services, interviews with an organisational founder or leader, and much more.

Here are four publications in Trinidad and Tobago to add to your media outreach list:

1.  TnT Mirror – Despite the TnT Mirror’s tagline “Get the Real Story,” softer news pitches from non-profits and community organisations are welcome.  The TnT Mirror has Friday and Sunday editions.  Email: ttnews@tstt.net.tt.  Phone: (868) 645-3364.

2. The Tobago News – Tobago’s only newspaper is published on Fridays.  Local NGO, Environment Tobago has a regular column in the paper, which is penned by Joane Seewal.  If your organisation is based in or does any work in Tobago, pitch this paper to reach Tobago readers.  Email: ccngroupc@tstt.net.tt.

3.  The Westerly – Serving the “West” this monthly community magazine has a distribution of 5,000 copies to homes/businesses in West Trinidad and welcomes pitches from non-profit organisations.  Email: thewesterlyonline@hotmail.com or the_westerly@yahoo.com. Phone: (868) 387-2731 (Westerly Online) or (868) 778-8205 (The Westerly).  The Westerly’s sister publication, The Northerly services North Trinidad.

4.  SouthTnT – An online portal with an active Facebook Page, South TnT covers all things “South” from businesses and people to NGO activities in South Trinidad.  The “Community In Focus” section shines a “spotlight on community activities and initiatives” like the Overall Youth Empowerment and Action Youth Group (O.Y.E.A.) or the Darren Ganga Foundation.  SouthTnT publishes new content every Wednesday.  Email: info@southtnt.com.  Phone: (868) 290-7236.

5 Easy Ways NGOs Can Use Facebook

Is Facebook outreach a part of your organisation’s marketing like hundreds of non-profits in Trinidad and Tobago?

Hopefully, the answer is “yes” given that eighty-three percent of Trinidad and Tobago’s Internet users are on Facebook.  According to Social Baker, a social media statistics portal, “there are 457,640 Facebook users in Trinidad and Tobago, which makes it #97 in the ranking of all Facebook statistics by country.”

Here are five easy ways to use Facebook to engage your organisation’s members, volunteers, donors and other stakeholders with examples from local NGOs:

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4 Media Tips for T&T NGOs Pulled from Media Coverage

Most non-profit articles, op-eds, letters-to-the-editor, and even community announcements offer valuable media tactics and information for NGOs, CBOs and civil service organizations.

Here are the five clips that we have chosen to highlight that offer insights that you can use:

1.  Getting worse to get better, Jan. 29, Trinidad & Tobago Guardian
(Adult Literacy Tutors Association of Trinidad and Tobago (ALTA TT)
Q: Mrs Lucie-Smith, how big a problem is adult literacy in Trinidad and Tobago?
A: (At her Circular Road, Belmont, office Tuesday afternoon) It is an issue that we don’t really recognise usually, and now it is being termed a problem which makes it feel as if it was never a problem before…

TAKE HOME TIP FOR NGOs – Consider approaching media outlets with a Question & Answer pitch*. Most reporters will appreciate this fresh approach rather than the typical press release pitch. As you can see from this example, a Q & A article can be more conversational and effectively draw the reader into the story about your organization.

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