Link Up on LinkedIn- An Essential Tool for Your NGO Growth


The professional social media platform LinkedIn encourages us to several things: ‘Manage your professional identity. Build and engage with your professional network’ and ‘Access knowledge, insights and opportunities.’ Despite these proposed opportunities, LinkedIn has become one of the most underutilized social media sites for NGO’s in Trinidad and Tobago.

Why? Maybe because its use and subsequent benefits have been gravely misunderstood. No matter the reason, the time has come for NGOs in T&T start capitalizing on these opportunities.

Here are our top six reasons your non-profit should sign up on LinkedIn RIGHT NOW:

Set Your NGO Apart

LinkedIn seeks to increase your online search visibility and ranking while simultaneously strengthening your brand identity among professionals and businesses.

Showcase your experience, programs, journey, and most importantly your vision and mission, to establish your NGO as a professional organization that can be trusted.



Leverage Your Networks   

Your audience is now composed of the movers and shakers, the decision makers, professionals with expertise who are willing to volunteer, millennials, influencers, and businesses that will support your cause and significantly advance your organization.

Building and engaging a network of likeminded professionals locally, regionally and internationally can be leveraged when seeking financial support, new board members, volunteers and even employees to join your team.  They just haven’t met you yet!

Go Unfiltered!

Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn’s feed is not filtered! That means whatever your company posts will appear in your followers’ feeds, regardless of their interaction history with your content.


Access Useful Resources

LinkedIn provides support and resources for non-profits to continuously advance and improve their capacity. Get started at their non-profit learning centre:

Add this to the numerous online courses on LinkedIn Learning developed for individuals and covers ‘just about every professional skill’. Check out these:


If your NGO shares articles, blogs etc… LinkedIn may soon be your favourite platform as it provides more options to share and submit content. Having been ranked the most effective channel for content distribution, even ahead of Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn delivers your content to current connections and followers.

An added bonus is that LinkedIn advertising allows you to target your distribution as well as industry influencers and any potential donors or clients.


Drive Leads

LinkedIn is perfect for lead generation through promoting thought leadership that can establish the foundation of collaborative efforts and even generating leads for funding opportunities such as grants.

While these benefits won’t happen overnight, it is still a worthwhile investment for your NGO to link up on LinkedIn today.  Are you ready to get started?

If your NGO is already active on LinkedIn we would love to learn about your experience in the comments below!

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