Four Online Tips for NGO’s This Christmas

This is the season where most NGO’s make a big chunk of their budget via Christmas campaigns, fundraisers and events. While the office may be buzzing with the cheer of the season it is important that your online presence continues to reflect just that.

Streamlining your digital platforms is a great way to continue to reach and engage your target audience while maintaining transparency and stakeholder relationships.

Here are four ways to reflect your Christmas campaign online:


Look the Part

If you have decorated your office your online platforms should be too! Change your cover photos, profile pictures etc.… to show that you are celebrating!

If you are having events and fundraisers that should be highlighted too. Pin flyers and event pages to the top of your page and be sure to tag your team members. This will ensure that anyone who visits your website or social media platforms are instantly informed of your initiatives.


Share Your Campaign Journey

NGO’s host events, fundraisers and more in order to achieve a specific goal. (All goals must be S.M.A.R.T.). This may be to get 100 toy donations for 50 boys and 50 girls, to raise $50,000 for an education initiative or simply just to pay off outstanding debt by December 20th. If your specific goal is isn’t shared how can your audience share in the journey or celebrate your success with you?

Be sure to share not just your campaign goals and objectives but the process and progress. This can be conducted through online countdowns, photos, and videos to keep your stakeholders involved from start to end. This method also creates and maintains a connection between donor and beneficiary or donor and your non-profit. You can even encourage donors to share a picture of themselves contributing to encourage others to do the same.


Christmas Deals

Everyone is looking for a great deal at Christmas and that includes your audience. If your non-profit offers a product or a service now will be a great time to offer a season filled special. Host a social media giveaway or an online challenge for a discount. A change in price or a holiday-themed giveaway may be all the incentive needed this holiday but they need to see this all online!


It’s Christmas; Tell a Story

Stories are a great way to really demonstrate the work your NGO does. Kindly ask the people you assist to share a brief story via post or video highlighting the effect your NGO has had on their life or within the community. This link can be shared via email, social media and your website to emphasize the kind of impact that donors can have when they contribute to your non-profit this holiday season.

Does your NGO employ different online strategies during the holiday season? Share them in the comment section below.

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