Christmas Campaign Planning

Christmas is around the corner and for many in the NGO world, this period is one of the biggest fundraising opportunities.

A successful fundraising Christmas campaign needs to make the most of the momentum that the holiday season can create. Why? It’s during this time that people are more inclined to donate. Just think about the Salvation Army Santa Claus we see ringing the donation bell on the street; Christmas sounds the alert for sharing, caring, and donating.


So here are some tips to help your non-profit utilize that Christmas cheer to maximize your objectives:

Identify Your Christmas Campaign Goal

Before you bring out the ham, decide exactly what your organization is seeking to gain from facilitating any Christmas initiative. While donations are critical, don’t limit yourself to monetary goals only. Your goal may be to increase brand identity, recruit 20 new volunteers, strengthen relationships, or draw attention to your cause. Once this is specified, it can be used to help guide your campaign decisions.

Plan in advance

Don’t wait till until you hear parang on the radio to realize you have not started planning. Your Christmas event or fundraiser should be included in your annual event listing. This ensures that planning is executed months before the season begins.

Make Merry

Be sure to find creative and personal ideas to highlight the campaign’s goals. Santa hats may be pink to promote breast cancer awareness, or purple candy canes for lupus awareness. There are several ways you can tie your message into the celebration that will transform your initiative from regular Christmas event to a unique experience.

Say Thank You Genuinely

Make your supporters (donors, volunteers, staff members) feel like their role or contribution was truly appreciated by simply expressing your gratitude. For an intimate event, a significant contributor or a dedicated stakeholder or team effort it would be a great idea to have the Chairman or the entire board sign thank you cards or Christmas greeting cards with their personal messages.

So think ahead, plan early, customize your initiative and say thank you genuinely. How do you make the most of your Christmas initiatives? Share your suggestions with us below and be sure to share your events with us; email

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