Start an NGO ONLY if you have these Attributes

So you have a great idea to help solve a social problem in your community or the even better, the country. You’ve thought about how to increase awareness and rally support for your worthy cause and concluded that an NGO is the best way to go. You’ve checked out registration process and spoken to a few friends and family who have pledged to support your goal. But, guess what? It takes more than the desire to want to successfully launch an NGO, it takes a dynamic personality.

Here’s a list of 15 traits a nonprofit leader or executive should aspire to possess. While no one may have all of these attributes it’s definitely worth having them among your core team members:

  1. Passionate

All great things are born out of the passion to achieve them. You must be truly believe and be driven by your NGO’s mission and your team must be too.

  1. A Self-Starter

This is self-explanatory, no one will start your NGO for you! You must be a goal driven go-getter to overcome the challenges your NGO will face.

  1. Committed to Hard Work

This road is certainly not going to be an easy one to travel. Managing a nonprofit takes a lot of long hours, hard work and commitment to persevere through challenging times.

  1. A Motivator

In order to get others to wholeheartedly support your cause you should be capable of attracting and inspiring stakeholders to not only believe but to take action.

  1. Team Player

Building an NGO takes a team of people. While one person may have established the vision or mission, it’s the team (volunteers, donors, staff members) who make it a reality.

  1. Good Listener

Being a team player requires you to be a good listener, capable of receiving feedback and criticism while respecting the viewpoints of others.

  1. Flexible

Being open to feedback means that you must be flexible to deliberate and adjust your plans and strategies for the benefit of the NGO.

  1. Financially Knowledgeable and Responsible

Sustaining an NGO requires financial acumen. You must know or have a solid idea as it relates to fundraising, budgeting, taxes, and financial accountability and transparency.

  1. Innovative Thinker

This is one of the most important attributes as nonprofits regularly depend innovative ideas to help solve their social problem more effectively and efficiently.

  1. Always Willing to Learn

Leaders never stop learning. This empowers them to lead with confidence, speak on and about the NGO’s social problem with authority and to be actively involved in almost every aspect of the functioning of their NGO.

Are there any attributes you believe are imperative to establishing an NGO?  Share them with us in the comment section below.


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