Don’t Rule Out Email Marketing

When it comes to employing a marketing solution that is powerful, affordable, and easy to implement email marketing should be considered an integral component of the organization’s marketing strategy.

Email marketing is similar to direct mail marketing however instead of sending mail through the postal service messages are disseminated electronically online via email thus it is a segment of internet marketing.

The importance of email marketing lies in its power to help engage audiences while developing relationships with potential and current: volunteers, donors, supporters, customers and/or clients in a resourceful and time efficient manner.


Here are the top five reasons why your NGO should definitely use email marketing:

  1. It is Affordable

Believe it or not, this innovative marketing tactic is one of the most affordable marketing solutions for budget or resource sensitive organizations like NGOs and community-based organizations. NGOs should take advantage of the several free and effective email marketing software available online.

  1. It’s a Quick and Easy Strategy to Implement

Creating a professional email marketing strategy has become easier with the help of email service providers sharing professionally designed templates that seek to help your organization customize your message while highlighting your call to action. It gets better, email marketing allows your organization to notify stakeholders immediately, saving time and allowing for even faster responses to be gathered.

  1. It Fosters Relationships

We cannot emphasize enough about the importance of maintaining relationships with stakeholders through regular communication with them. Email marketing serves as another point of contact through which you can engage and update your audience to secure their support and shows transparency.

  1. It a Fundraising Avenue

Does your NGO have an upcoming fundraiser or event? Email marketing can be utilized to solicit funds through occasional or monthly donations, ticket purchases or pledges. Online donations via email marketing also has the potential to significantly contribute to your online revenue.

So while it can seem as if social media has dominated internet marketing strategies, it is clear that email marketing should not be underestimated.

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