Top 3 Time Management Tips for Effective NGO Management


Time management is an important skill that all managers, leaders, and decision-makers should possess as it plays a critical role in determining an NGO’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Time is not just your biggest asset, it is an irretrievable asset. Therefore, a conscious investment should be made to develop, or improve, time management skills through strict self-imposed time management mechanisms.

  1. Prioritize Wisely
  • Make a list, the day before, and check it twice! Why? Because studies prove that pre-planning your work reduces stress and anxiety and promotes confidence, self-esteem, energy, and self-satisfaction.
  • Seek to accomplish the most essential tasks, that is, tasks that are both ‘urgent and important’, first.
  • Ensure that there are activities in your schedule that directly contributes to your NGO’s mission and vision or even directly relate to generating income and growing your non-profit.
  • Delegate less essential tasks to talented, qualified, and experienced team members, schedule a day or reserve some time for dealing with ‘not urgent but required tasks’ such as emails, filing, phone calls etc.
  1. Set S.MA.R.T. Goals

Establish tasks that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound in nature. This saves time, allows progress to be monitored and success measured, and helps to reduce the stress of trying to achieve unrealistic goals.

  1. Monitor Time and Eliminate Distractions
  • Create a time log of a ‘typical workday’ over a few days. Analyze this log in order to identify where you are investing your time, pinpoint which activities distract you from being productive, and just how much time you invest in these activities. These distractions may look a little like spending blocks of your day checking social media and catching up with colleagues.
  • Then, gather all your willpower and work within set blocks of time where you eliminate your distractions by closing your office door or manage distractions by taking scheduled breaks at pre-determined intervals to check your phone, go for doubles or just relax.

Remember, NGO’s that utilize good time management are better positioned to consistently deliver their product, or service, on-time to their target audience so get to work!



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