The Dyslexia Association- 2018 Winners of the JB Fernandes Award for NGO Excellence

One of the most memorable highlights of the 2018 T&T NGO Professionals Seminar was the announcement of the Dyslexia Association as the 2018 winner of the prestigious JB Fernandes Award for NGO Excellence.

Among several worthy applications received, the Association stood out among the rest for their innovation, best practices, and partnership development within the non-profit sector of Trinidad and Tobago.

On behalf of the JB Fernandes Memorial Trust II, Mr. Joseph Fernandes presented the award to an emotional Ms. Cathryn Kelshall, Chairman of the Association.



According to Ms. Kelshall, the Board of the Association were convinced that they met the award criteria and three Board members undertook the task of accurately completing the application to demonstrate that the Dyslexia Association was deserving.

Having won, Ms. Kelshall stated that the award recognizes the ‘good governance and impact’ the Association has, it underscores their good reputation, and it demonstrates trust in the Association’s ability to deliver its mandate.



The number of dyslexics in any population is conservatively estimated at 15%. This equates to a possible 300,000 dyslexics in the country. Formed in 1990, The Association has worked to provide training to teachers as the most effective way of ensuring that those students who are most at risk for reading challenges receive effective guidance in order to reduce failure academic failure.

In the absence of trained teachers at schools, remediation generally comes at a cost to the parents. Despite this, the Association’s efforts to have the Ministry of Education assign a trained remedial teacher in each primary school, have to date, been unsuccessful. Currently, Student Support Services refers parents to the Association’s programmes which are supported by specialist materials available from the UK. and the U.S.A.

Currently, the Association has created and published their own teaching manual and trained over one thousand teachers throughout Trinidad and Tobago to recognize and teach dyslexics. They use specifically designed programmes to meet the needs of the dyslexic population in every corner of the country.

Want to know more about the magnificent work done by The Dyslexia Association? Find out more here:  




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