Collaboration is ALIVE

The spirit of collaboration was definitely alive at our 2018 T&T NGO Professionals Seminar hosted by JB Fernandes Memorial Trust II as we delved into this year’s theme- “Strengthening Capacity through Collaboration”.

The Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business auditorium was filled with approximately 140 passionate attendees representing 60 non-governmental organizations throughout Trinidad and Tobago.


Mr. Joseph Fernandes presented the opening remarks on behalf of the JB Fernandes Memorial Trust II and encouraged NGO’s to be innovative and cooperative in their approach to maintain sustainability.



Mr. Mirza Ali-Mohammed got the ball rolling through a thought-provoking collaborative Experiential Learning Ice Breaker Session that thrust attendees straight into collaboration mode. Mr. Ali-Mohammed continued to share his expertise during his interactive workshop; ‘Where Collaboration Meets Communication’.


Addressing the role of leadership within partnerships was Dr. Kamla Mungal, Director, Leadership Institute, ALJGSB. Dr. Mungal discussed various aspects of non-profit sustainability including the importance of engagement and putting egos and personal agendas aside to ensure successful and productive relationships.


Ms. Rissa Edoo National Coordinator, GEF Small Grants Programme, brought remarks from the UNDP also advocated for NGOs to put personalities aside in order to work together to make a difference.


Former President of the Diabetes Association of Trinidad and Tobago, Ms. Zobida Ragbirsingh was a powerhouse of collaborative ideas and experiences as she presented the second speaker address focused on ‘Collaborating for Sustainability: What Partnerships Work Best”. Her vibrant, open and jovial personality provided an enjoyable look into her decades of first-hand experience in building and maintaining partnerships.


Co-founder of the Victim Support Unit, Ms. Loverne Henry’s Deep Dive Workshop on ‘Alliance Building through Strategic Networking’ reinforced the best practices and requirements of NGO’s seeking to develop partnerships with other stakeholders.


No T&T NGO Professionals Seminar would not be complete without the presentation of the prestigious JB Fernandes Award for NGO Excellence. This year, the Dyslexia Association of Trinidad and Tobago received the award which highlighted their innovation, best practices, and partnership among organizations within the non-profit sector in Trinidad and Tobago.


A tearful Cathryn Kelshall, Chairman of the Association received the award and shared some insight into her organization.


This year’s Honourable Mentions for the award included Let’s Read, Ms. Suzette Cadiz and from The Heroes Foundation, Najette Abraham.

Finally, the Cocktails and Networking session brought attendees closer with the hope that new and innovative collaborative efforts were being developed for future initiatives.


Check out the album for this year’s Seminar here:

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