Women Putting Women First- It’s……All About The Sisters!

There is something exceptionally special that happens when women collaborate to advance other women; it’s nothing short of inspirational. Trinbago-born founders and authors Mellany Paynter and Augusta Rullow have both set out to do exactly that with the recent launch of a new women’s tribe “All About The Sisters!”

Mellany, a Creative Wellness Coach, and Augusta, founder of Cancer Survivors in Action (CSIA) both Graduates of Howard University bonded through their passion for inspiring women. They both realized that they had a similar vision to establish a women’s movement, a space to help all women put self-care and self-love first. They decided to join forces in 2017 to provide a space for women to discover radical self-care thus All About The Sisters! (AATS) was born in January 2018.

Based in New York, AATS is committed to presenting opportunities for all women to embrace overall well-being by incorporating aspects of the Eight Dimensions of Wellness- Emotional, Environmental, Financial, Intellectual Occupational, Physical, Social, and Spiritual.

Since its inception, AATS has since incorporated activities such as hiking adventure, financial and vision board workshops, and a website-building class for aspiring businesswomen.

The long-term vision for AATS is to have a presence in every city internationally to provide quality, interactive, self-development experiences that encourage personal growth and social networking with other like-minded women.

They are willing to collaborate with women everywhere in the hopes of advancing the reach and vision of the movement. Anyone wanting to connect to the cause to help develop a pod in Trinidad and Tobago or anywhere else can reach out to Mellany and Augusta at contact@allaboutthesisters.com or check out their website at www.allaboutthesisters.com

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