Storytelling for NGO’s- Part Three


No matter what social media platforms we utilize in our professional or personal lives, we’ve been exposed to, and even appreciate the power of video content to educate, entertain, and even inspire us to make a difference. Don’t think for one minute that your NGO can’t capitalize on this opportunity to advance your social mission through engaging video content.

However, before the camera starts rolling be sure that the critical planning aspects are covered. Check out part one of this three-part installment on NGO Storytelling-

There are various types of storytelling videos to choose from such as interviews, documentaries, testimonials, or utilizing photos accompanied by a voice-over narration. Whichever style is selected, ensure that it seeks to convey an evocative story that effectively reflects your NGO’s essence.

Ready to start filming? Check out our tips on creating effective storytelling videos before you scream “Aaaand Action!”


Keep Videos Short and Engaging

Short video clips are ideal due to short attention spans and the existence of so much competing content. It’s recommended that videos stay between 30 seconds to two minutes. Don’t worry, if done correctly, links to longer videos can be shared using short snippets to capture attention and interest.

Create a Powerful Introduction

You’ve only got a few seconds to capture people’s attention, make a connection, and establish your purpose. A visually appealing and powerful introduction manifests intrigue which can later translate to support for your ultimate call to action.

Clearly Communicate Your Social Mission

Help your audience better understand the exact role and focus of your organization and how you make a difference by showing them!

Adapt Your Story to Fit the Video Format

When writing your brand story, special attention must be paid to intricate details such as eye contact, facial expressions, gestures, the tone of voice, volume, pauses and even pacing as these details can strengthen the effectiveness and receptivity of your video.

Reduce Costs- Get your Audience Involved

Ask your audience to assist with the filming and editing aspect. You might be surprised by the response. There may be active volunteers who are capable of producing an excellent video. You can even ask past and present clients to submit video testimonials. However, while video production does not have to be costly it certainly has to be tastefully and accurately executed in a way that appropriately reflects your organization.

Overall, with some creativity, dedication, and the right tools, your CBO can implement these storytelling techniques to improve your brand video storytelling.

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