Storytelling for NGO’s- Part Two


Just like photos of Carnival can capture the vibrant colors of the masqueraders, the intricate costume detailing and the euphoria provoked by the music and the revelry; photos can capture the heart and mission of your non-profit.

This is visual communication. It is an integral tool in the storytelling toolkit that NGO’s need to master.


Social interaction with online audiences has evolved from basic text and now greatly relies on visual content as seen in image-rich platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. These channels have provided a different dimension in which to tell your NGO’s story to create a deeper more emotional connection, both better and faster than words can.

Here are some tips and tricks for utilizing photographs to tell the story you want your audience to know and understand.

Tell the Behind the Scenes Story

Showing your audience the dedication and sacrifice required behind the scenes to achieve your social mission can ignite a clearer understanding and more compassion for the work of your NGO.

Mix things Up

  • Use a variety of illustrations to capture the emotions that your NGO can evoke such as happiness and inspiration.
  • Experiment with photo angles, filters, and lighting as a change in these details can alter the mood of your story altogether.
  • Choose the most compelling photo for the album cover to capture the interest of the audience.
  • Avoid redundant photos. Try to frame each photo to effectively tell its own story.

Caption photos appropriately

Ensure that your caption is in alignment with your photo by clearly establishing the message you want to convey. Captions can range from thought-provoking questions to provocative statements, and even one-word phrases. However, there are some photos that may need more background information than others.

Make a Human Connection

Show your volunteers, donors, and supporters your NGO’s ‘How’ and ‘Why’ by capturing and celebrating the communities that you are impacting, the lives that you are touching and your inspiration for doing it all!

PS- These aspects must be captured using good quality photos. This means that your NGO needs to utilize high-resolution photos by investing in a decent camera. Don’t worry the Return on Investment is high!

So tell us, has your NGO or CBO maximized on visual content sharing to promote your social mission? Share your journey and photos with us and other NGO’s in the comment section below.

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