New Year’s Resolutions All NGO’s Should Make


The start of a new year always possesses vast amounts of hope, inspiration, and opportunity that drives us to want to do better and be better in every facet of our personal lives. While some resolutions last just a couple of days (we see you!) we can agree that resolutions that are passionately fuelled can positively impact our lives.

We propose that the same passion and drive should be applied to actively improving your non-profit through adopting these New Year’s resolutions to help you make this year your NGO’s best year ever!

Endeavour to Create New Sources of Funding

Funding is one of the major areas that can severely affect the performance of non-profits. This year, seek to find new sources of funding through exploring different fundraising activities and financial sources; write to that company for funding, apply for a grant for the first time!

Improve your Social Media Presence

We’ve advocated strongly for creating and maintaining a strong engaging social media presence; check out our Social Media Best Practices Guide for NGO’s Start with mastering your Facebook page. If you don’t have the time or manpower to dedicate to this explore outsourcing this task.

Resolve to create/keep your website updated in 2018

If you are guilty of not getting your website plans off the ground or not archiving the data from the years gone by this is the year to get started. Here is why you should invest in a website for 2018-

Take a Leap of Faith

Sometimes the best things happen when we take that leap of faith. Invite that person you’ve had your eye on to join your board of directors, invest in your team, and explore new ways of doing things. Don’t limit your NGO’s opportunities.

We wish every NGO, CBO, and NPO a happy and successful New Year as you pursue these resolutions and seek to achieve goals of your own.

What are your thoughts on New Year resolutions? Does your NGO have any and how do you plan on achieving them? Share your comments with us in the comment section below.

2 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions All NGO’s Should Make

  1. Thank you…as my wish is for you to continue on this path that not only blessings all with your timely messages and uplifting words but contributes to our empowering journey. May the blessings of Jesus the Christ the Son of the Living God be with you alway


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