In Retrospect- Your NGO’s Year in Review

As another year comes to an end it leaves us with more than just lingering memories but lessons that we can we can learn from for the New Year. To be able to benefit from this, we encourage all NGOs to embark on an NGO Performance Review.

This analysis should be focused on learning from and correcting any shortcomings identified in your analysis as well as acknowledging what is going right and really seeking to secure that particular area.

Here are four areas to assess to ensure success in 2018:

Financial Management

As an NGO we know how crucial the financial analysis of your organization can be. How successful was your fundraising approach this year and how can you adjust your tactics to encourage more funding in 2018? What worked and what can you do differently to achieve your fundraising goals in the New Year? What about your expenditures? How can that be reduced or subsidized?


Advocacy Reach

What techniques did you implement to reach your target audience and how effective was this at promoting your social mission, attracting new volunteers and encouraging new donors to support?


Project Impact

Every project/campaign should have its very own post-mortem to determine its success. Did you achieve campaign objectives? How many people did you help? Using this, determine what projects need to be terminated or continued to further drive your mission and vision.


Team- Areas to develop

Whether or not your NGO conducts individual employee performance reviews it is critical that the skill set and quality of your team be analyzed. This will help to determine what training needs are required to further strengthen your team’s capabilities in this dynamic economy to ensure success.


In your analysis, you are sure to identify areas of success, be sure to reward your team for a job well done in order to positively reinforce the impact of their hard work.

There may be many other points of review according to situations and scope of your NGO so be sure to include any other crucial applicable points. Use the answers to this analysis to assist with your NGOs 2018 goal planning initiatives.

Does your NGO conduct an end of year performance review? Share your approach with us let’s chat about the various methodologies that can be employed.

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