Your NGO Christmas Cleaning List

No one wants to write to inactive, outdated or uninterested contacts in vain, especially during the holiday season. In order to save time and effort, there are four lists that your NGO should clean up to ensure effective communication:

Subscription and Contact Lists

Clean up your subscription list by deleting or reconfirming any invalid or non-responsive addresses. Eliminating any uninterested or inactive addresses will require you to re-engage these subscribers via a reconfirmation message. This message should provide engaged subscribers with a chance to update their information and uninterested subscribers with a chance to opt out.

Donor List

Analyse your donor list to ensure that the companies listed are still active and continue to share your non-profit’s social mission.

Ensure that the contact person, contact details and any and all requirements to receive funding are up to date.

Volunteer List

While persons are eager to register to assist your NGO, just how active have they been? To clean up this listing, re-confirm whether volunteers are indeed still interested and can commit to dedicating a set amount of time to helping you achieve your mission.

Media Directory

An updated media contact list ensures that your press release or media invitation actually reaches the newsroom saving you time which can be spent developing your message.

Contact the newsroom directly to verify their contact information and receive new or unlisted contacts. This gives you the opportunity to build relationships with new contacts and help maintain relationships with your current media contacts.


Overall, maintaining these contact listings helps to improve message deliverability and engagement with those who really want to hear from your non-profit. Ideally, these lists should be updated at least twice a year.

How do you maintain your NGO’s listing? Let’s chat in the comment section below.

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