Top 3 Things Your Non-Profit Should Remember This Christmas


Our favorite time of the year is here, C’est Noël, it’s Christmas! Decorations are up, Parang is in the air and NGO’s are buzzing with Christmas campaign initiatives.

While your non-profit is rightfully focused on toy and food drives, there are three things that your NGO should remember:

1. Add A Touch Of Christmas To Your Brand

In our blog Don’t Forget to Manage your NGO’s Brand we talked about your brand reflecting your NGO’s message and this is just as important at Christmas.

Embrace the holiday season within your brand in a festive or creative way that is authentic to your NGO and is engaging.

One way most companies do this is by adding festive décor to their logo, website, and social media platforms. See, nothing too complicated!

 2. Share the Spirit of the Season with your Audience

During this time of the year, non-profits are usually making Christmas dreams come through for those less fortunate. Show your audience and donors all the work that goes on behind the scenes to make all your Christmas initiatives a successful reality!  Use your social media, website and blogs to share your experience.  This helps to demonstrate your organization’s transparency and really drives home your dedication to the cause! Plus, you can go LIVE and show your audience all the fun your NGO can have!

3. Communicate Holiday Closure in Advance

Most NGO’s in Trinidad have revised operating hours or are even closed during this festive season. Let your audience know. Be sure to set up appropriate voicemails, auto-response emails, and emergency number listings. Pin all of this to the top of social media platforms and your website.

Remember, although your non-profit is on a break your customer service should not be compromised.

How does your NGO prepare for the hectic Christmas season? Be sure to share your useful tips with us in the comment section below!

2 thoughts on “Top 3 Things Your Non-Profit Should Remember This Christmas

    • There is nothing more rewarding for me than my subscription to this Newsletter. As a full time Volunteer the information shared is very impactful. Well Done!!! Merry Christmas and a Bright and Prosperous New Year. God bless you all


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