Don’t Forget to Manage your NGO’s Brand

Brand. Is your non-profit capitalizing on the benefits your brand can bring to the table? If not it’s time to develop a deeper appreciation for what brand management can deliver. Why? Because without it, non-profits do not have a brand but only a name and a sign for the provided product or service.

It’s critical for NGO’s to grasp the concept that the true essence of a brand goes beyond the borders of their visual identity and builds on perception or the psychological construct these logos create. This is what must be strategically crafted and managed while pursuing your social mission.

Simply put, it is critical that NGO’s simultaneously manage their brand and social mission if they wish to achieve and sustain greater social impact, strengthen their core identity, and galvanize support.

Brand development takes time, financial investment, marketing skills and coordinated planning which include the following strategies:

Determine how your NGO wants to be perceived

Believe it or not, an NGO’s external presence greatly reflects on their internal values and even the culture of the organization. NGO’s should first determine how they would like their mission, work and core values to be perceived externally and craft a brand identity that reflects that perception. Secondly, NGO’s should also ensure that this message is what is being supported and produced internally by all team members.

Leverage the Best Communication Tools

The recognition and elevation that a strong brand can create lend to greater customer loyalty. Utilize the communication tools that best tell your organization’s story and communicates directly with audiences. Every form of communication via radio, television and even social media must reflect the message crafted for your brand. This provides the information necessary to help supporters, volunteers, and donors better evaluate your NGO and reduce any perceived risk in lending their support.

Monitor your Brand Message

Your non-profit’s focus may change over time and so too must the message your brand conveys. Brand monitoring secures the alignment between the internal and external identities with its vision and enhances the organization’s social impact so be sure to evaluate your non-profit’s brand regularly.

What is your brand currently saying and how does your NGO manage this message? Be sure to share your tips with us in the comment section below.

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