Effectively manage your NGO’s Customer Service

It’s no secret that poor service can incur bad publicity which can damage your non-profit’s reputation; so while it may be tempting to cut corners when it comes to investing in and monitoring your CSR performance, we implore you not to.

In a society where great customer service is hard to come by, it is an excellent idea to ensure your NGO is providing the best service possible. Remember, an NGO with excellent customer service is more likely to receive repeat donations, support and business from customers, so be sure to make your customer service work for you.

Here are 5 simple steps to manage your NGO’s customer service:

  1. Embed a Focus on Excellent Customer Service Culture

Make sure your non-profit has clearly outlined customer service expectations embedded in the organization’s handbook. This ensures that employees are aware of what is expected and just how crucial their role as a CSR is.

Is good customer service part of your non-profits’ values? If not, it should be! Let the public know that you value them enough to focus on providing exceptional service.

  1. Keep Staff Trained

To prevent inefficient and impersonal customer interactions, periodical professional customer service training is required. Training can assist staff to be able to identify customer issues, establish a good customer rapport and reinforce your focus on developing and maintaining a customer oriented culture.

  1. Know Your Team

It is important to understand the capabilities of your team. Sometimes, despite all the training provided, there are people who may be just not cut out to genuinely deal with the public. Instead of ignoring this, consider reassigning this employee to another task that is better suited to them.

  1. Make Feedback a Priority

Customers are a valuable resource to your NGO, their feedback is integral to shaping your reputation and building your brand. Feedback is a key indicator of whether or not your NGO’s service level is up to par. Give customers/clientele every opportunity to provide their honest feedback, even if it is anonymous.

Make customer service feedback forms or suggestion boxes available in-house. Be sure to use a mix of open and closed ended questions as well as leave enough room for clients to relay their experience or recommendations in their own words.

Encourage feedback through emails– Sometimes clients need time to process their experience in order to put in into words or maybe their issue is a personal or embarrassing one. Emailing allows your clients the time and space needed to relay their story in their own words.

Online reviews– Think of your social media platforms as tools to listen in to the publics’ perception of your NGO whether positive or negative. Don’t pass up on the opportunity to get in on the conversation and address your audience directly.

  1. Follow up

Knowing about customer service issues is the first step, dealing with them in a timely and diplomatic manner is another story. Be sure to follow up courteously, genuinely and effectively with every complaint, concern, donation or query via a phone call, thank you card, letter, or a meeting depending on the nature or severity of the issue in a timely manner.

Every client deserves to be acknowledged so dedicate some time to this for the sake of your NGOs’ reputation.

There are several more ways that non-profits can successfully manage their delicate relationship with the public. How does your NGO manage client relationships? Be sure to share your methods/suggestions with us in the comment section below.

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