TTNGO News Working to Improve Civil Society Capacity

The social and economic climate is changing and civil society must change with it in order to survive. Non-governmental Organizations must be willing and able to work to advance their skill set to take advantage of the opportunities being made available and overcome any existing threats.

The TTNGO News, sponsored by the JB Fernandes Memorial Trust II seeks to ensure that NGOs in Trinidad and Tobago are continuously learning and developing to become stronger and more effective in tackling their social or economic challenges.

Following our engaging 2017 TTNGO Professionals Conference on Social Entrepreneurship, TTNGO News is pleased to offer FREE training for civil society organizations aimed at equipping NGO’s with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to successfully and effectively pursue their social mission.

The question of prudently assessing and attaining resources is a major concern of NGOs. As such, we seek to address this in our upcoming workshop on Assessing Funding in the Local and International Markets on Friday, August 25th, 2017.

Eshot - Accessing Funding

Another key concern in this current economic climate is the ability of NGO’s to be able to assess financial reporting techniques that enhance accountability and transparency. On Wednesday 30th August 2017 we invite you to join us for our workshop on Financial Reporting and Accounting for NGO’s where we address the development of financial management policies that will govern the financial transactions of your NGO

Eshot - Financial Reporting and Accounting for NGOs

This is just the beginning, we have lots more in store for local NGOs to benefit from. Keep posted to our Facebook Page as well as our Twitter account to make sure you don’t miss any of these edifying workshops.


Contact 645-6700 ext. 299 or email

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