Knowing your NGO’s Team

So you know your NGO’s social mission like the back of your hand. You know the vision, mission, objectives, strategies to achieve these objectives and the tactics needed for success. But, do you really know the people behind your NGO, without whom your NGO would not be able to function?

If not, it’s time to get to know them to help nurture positive, stronger and more productive working relationships.

Knowing Team Members

Getting to know the people who work daily to advance your social mission is key to ensuring the level of team work necessary to make your NGO really gel.

Because of financial constraints, most non-profit teams are small and requires members (paid or voluntary) work together, usually in varying capacities. Sometimes people mesh and that’s great but, sometimes they don’t and that can have awful repercussions.

Consider having team members participate in non-work related activities to spark connections like team building exercises if relationship building isn’t natural or easy, sports and family days or try a good ole’ Trini after work lime to help members build connections and bond on a deeper level.

Knowing the Board

Beyond team member and management relations, is the contentious topic of staff having contact with the Board of Directors. While opinions on this might be sharply split down the middle, there is a lot to be considered. Imagine staff at a non-profit having no clue, or have never met and gotten to know their Board of Directors. How then, can management expect team members to have dauntless faith in the path charted by the Chairman and the Board?

This may be something to consider when developing or reviewing policies and guidelines regarding striking a balance in communication between team members and Directors.

Knowing Volunteers

Volunteers are invaluable to the operations of most non-profits, swooping in to lend a hand all because they share in your vision and support your mission. They become a common face coming in and out of the establishment. But does everyone know who they are and what they do? Be sure to introduce volunteers to staff members and provide details about their background, why they are helping out and exactly what they will be working on while there.

Having a dedicated team of core volunteers who staff are familiar with can foster trust and result in better working relationships,

Overall, closer relationships can strengthen teams and that translates into more productivity at your NGO. Who wouldn’t want that?

Are there any other team members that we need to know more about? We would love to get your feedback in the comment section below!

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