Fostering Your NGO’s Passion

They say to be successful in business you must pursue your passion. The same can be said for Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) focused on achieving their social mission. However, fostering your NGO’s passion and keeping it alive every day can be challenging.

To keep the momentum going, here are some recommendations to build and leverage a passionate NGO:

Communicate Constantly

Passionate NGO’s seek to keep their stakeholders (employees, donors, the public, volunteers etc.…) actively involved and informed through constant communication.

This means going above and beyond only communicating to secure donations, send event invitations or employee memorandums but genuinely sharing updates about what your organization is doing.

Maybe you’re expanding your services, facing a new challenge or even welcoming a new administrative assistant to the team. Keeping stakeholders abreast of your activities helps them to feel more connected to the organization and invested in the journey ahead and thus, more willing to help where needed.

Communication with stakeholders can be organized through various approaches that are best suited for engagement such as a monthly online newsletter or email as well as your social media accounts.

Connect Vision and Mission to Roles

Everyone has a role to play in the success of your NGO (volunteers, staff, donors etc) but are they aware of just how important their role is?

If staff members are not aware of or believe in your NGO’s vision and mission, how can they be enthusiastic about contributing to the success of the organization?

Like most businesses, NGO’s should seek to have their vision and mission statements as well as their values posted in the lobby. While this acts as a reminder to staff of where your NGO is headed; it’s not enough. Connect your mission and vision to the various job functions so each employee knows that they are indeed contributing to the progress and development of the organization.

This goes for your donors, volunteers and partners as well, remind them of their role in supporting your organization’s journey by helping out in whatever way they can.


One of the easiest ways to keep the passion of your NGO alive is to collaborate with people or organizations that understand and share your passion so thoroughly that it transcends into their duties. Passionate people work harder to ensure their NGO’s achieves success.

 Be Willing to Explore

Passionate NGO’s are more driven to advance their social mission by exploring new avenues. Abandoning mundane processes doesn’t mean being reckless and bringing the organization into disrepute, it simply means to be open and willing to change with the times and try new innovative methods for fundraising, event planning, and even public engagement.

There are so many ways that NGO’s can work to keep the flame of passion alive. We’d like to get your recommendations and perspective in the comment section below.

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