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4 Free Resources For NGOs from T&T NGO News

T&T NGO News remains committed to covering nonprofit news, sharing information on local funding opportunities, employment in the local nonprofit sector and providing resources relevant to NGOs in Trinidad and Tobago.

Check out these 4 great resources and services we’ve made available:

#4 Our T&T NGO Directory

The T&T NGO Directory is a means of providing an up-to-date listing of all active NGOs, CBOs and Civil Society Organizations in Trinidad and Tobago.

Want to collaborate with another NGO that shares the same passion? Or looking to connect with a Community Based Organization that pursues something a bit different? Then download the current Directory here-

Didn’t see your NGO listed? Complete the following form to join the database of all Non-Governmental Organizations and CBOs in Trinidad and Tobago and we will add you to the list.

#3 NGO Professionals Media Directory

We totally took the guess work out of finding media contacts to send your next press release or media invite to by providing you with an updated listing of the media in Trinidad and Tobago.

Click the link to download the latest version of the NGO Professionals Media Directory which includes contact information on the major print newspapers, television stations, community newspapers, magazines and digital publications in Trinidad and Tobago.

#2 Our Vacancy Listing

Are you trying to fill a vacancy at your NGO or CBO? We share vacancy listings on our website, Facebook Page and Twitter account to help your organization reach the right person for the job.

It’s simple, email the job description and requirements, including a deadline to and we will take care of the rest.

#1 NGO Event Promotions

Does your NGO have an event or a fundraiser coming up? Then be sure to share these events with us so we can post them to our Facebook and Twitter account to increase your reach and event success!

Email all event details including flyers to

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