Network Like You Mean It!

Yes, you read the heading right.

On June 6 the T&T NGO Professionals and the JB Fernandes Memorial Trust II will place you in a room with over 150 professionals from various backgrounds and you need to be able to capitalize on this opportunity and be able to network, well, like you mean it.

Network with intention

While networking is not specifically about selling or marketing your NGO it must be done with some intention. It’s important that you set some networking goals for yourself or your NGO before the seminar. Otherwise, you’ll just be collecting call cards and trying to meet everyone in the room. You must, therefore, be able to identify opportunities, to be able to meet the right people from organizations who can assist your NGO in advancing its social mission. Let’s say you’re having issues with your grant writing your focus should be on meeting and learning from those who have successfully done it before. You’ll be able to gain some much-needed advice and establish a potentially long-lasting connection in the process.

Don’t Limit Your Network

Networking with intention doesn’t mean that you should limit your scope of contacts, remember, whether or not you perceive someone to be inside or outside of your social objectives if they are interested in assisting your NGO or influential in getting your organization the help it needs you may want to invest some time in creating a connection with that individual.

It’s Also About Who Needs Your Help

Networking also isn’t solely about what you can get but also what you can give. There are numerous NGO’s that can benefit from your organization’s expertise or past experiences of fundraising, event planning, or even marketing. Spotting opportunities for your NGO to assist can play a vital role in building and fostering strong working relationships.

Networking Forever After

Networking does not end when the seminar ends, so be sure to follow up with the connections you have made afterwards.  An email or phone call is a courteous way maintain the lines of communication. Be sure to express your interest in keeping in touch even if nothing much is happening. This not only improves your new relationship but allows maturity of old ones too as networking is really a continuous process.

So, at the 2017 T&T NGO Professionals Seminar have your call cards ready and get ready to network like you mean it!

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