Is a Social Entrepreneurial Approach the Right Fit?

What would you do if you found out there was an alternative method to develop an NGO that is self-reliant and independent in its pursuit of funding prospects which won’t compromise its social mission and vision?

NGO’s in Trinidad and Tobago know too well the trials of not only developing an NGO but that of achieving sustainable funding as philanthropic and government support has become undependable given the current volatile economic environment.

The definition of a social entrepreneur is broad, it encapsulates those who are continuously innovative, bold, focused and driven to revolutionize the industry by becoming change agents to achieve their social mission. While this might seem like a tall order, adopting a Social Entrepreneurship approach can be specifically formatted to each NGO to help identify opportunities as this global movement continues to expand its applicability towards civil society groups.

But is a social entrepreneurial approach the right fit for your NGO? The adoption and implementation of entrepreneurial values firstly requires an understanding of what social entrepreneurship entails and secondly, a shift in mindset by NGO’s for significant change to take place. This shift in mindset begins at our 2017 T&T NGO Professionals Seminar so you will have to be there to find out!

Do you want to learn more about social entrepreneurship and how or if your NGO can leverage an entrepreneurial approach? If you answered yes, then you’re in luck. This year, our 2017 T&T NGO Professionals Seminar’s theme is ‘Social Entrepreneurship for NGO’s’. We will be tackling this popular approach within the main speaker’s address entitled ‘Road Map to Social Entrepreneurship’ as it is geared towards providing some insight into how your NGO can begin to formulate an alternative approach towards sustainability while not losing sight of your social mission.

You don’t want to miss this signature presentation on June 6th at the Hyatt Regency Trinidad. To register contact 645-6700 ext. 299 or email

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