Call for NGO Proposals: GEF Small Grants Programme – UNDP (Deadline 7th November 2016)

Background: The Global Environment Facility (GEF) Small Grants Programme (SGP) provides civil society organizations with technical and financial support in the form of grant funding, to projects focused on environmental conservation and restoration, while enhancing people’s livelihoods and well‐being.

These environment‐centered ‘small grant projects’ embody the very essence of sustainable development by “thinking globally acting locally.” The grant funding is now in its Operational Phase 6 (OP6), the objective of which is, “to support the creation of global environmental benefits and the safeguarding of the global environment through community and local solutions that complement and add value to national and global level action”.

Civil society organisations can apply for grants in the following areas:

  • Community landscape/ seascape conservation
  • Climate smart innovative agro‐ecology
  • Low carbon energy access co‐benefits
  • Local to global chemical management coalitions


  • Planning Grant: a tool to assist with the development of proposals for Project Grants. These grant applications cannot exceed USD $ 5,000, and are used to: 1. Help civil society organizations to write better proposals by assessing problems more carefully and; 2. Ensure a participatory approach is used in project development and design e.g. facilitating stakeholder consultations to guide proposal development.
  • Full Project Grant: used to identify environmental problems and implement activities that will be used to address them. A Project Grant cannot exceed USD $ 50,000.

ELIGIBLE ORGANISATIONS:  Any civil society organization‐ provided it is registered as a non‐profit company under the 1995 Companies Act, or has a Letter of Registration from a Government Ministry, such as Ministry of Community Development of Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs.

DEADLINE: Applicant should complete a “Project Concept Template” and submit it no later than Monday 7th November, 2016.

For more information, contact UNDP’s GEF SGP National Coordinator or Program Assistant at 623‐7056 ext. 254 or 252.

Further information about the GEF SGP can be found at:

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