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2016 T&T NGO Professionals Seminar – Session Videos, Handouts, PowerPoints, Case Studies

The 2016 T&T NGO Professionals Seminar: Strategic HR for NGOs – Staffing Your Organisation for Success was held on 24th May 2016 at the Hyatt Trinidad. Sponsored by the JB Fernandes Memorial Trust II, the Seminar included nearly 60 representatives from NGOs and civil society organisations in Trinidad and Tobago.

Videos as well as handouts/PowerPoint presentations/case studies for the 2016 Seminar sessions and opening & closing plenaries are available below.

SESSION 1: Performance: People, Practices, Possibilities!
Does your organisation want people who show up and do just enough to get the job done? Or, do you want people who are excited to be there, losing themselves in their work, and unleashing their creativity and potential? What will it take? In this interactive session, we’ll cook up a performance improvement ‘pelau.’ Together, we’ll examine, select and put into the pot, the ingredients needed for that delectable ‘dish’- a high-performing NGO, with empowered staff, working in an atmosphere of positive morale. So, put on your aprons and get ready to bubble the performance improvement pot, adding secret recipes, an array of ingredients, and the finest seasonings to create an environment of possibilities!
Facilitators: Kathryn Jones-Douglas and Maxine Barnett, Veni Apwann
Subject Matter Expert: Lisa James, Lisa James & Associates
Storytellers: Barbara King & Sharla Dwarika, Parenting TT

Handout Session 1 (link)

Session #1 Video (Part 1 of 2): Performance: People, Practices, Possibilities!

Session #1 Video (Part 2 of 2): Performance: People, Practices, Possibilities!

SESSION 2: Finding The Right Fit: Identifying Values, Skills & Traits for Your Optimal Team

With people who share the organisation’s ideals and values; have the right skills to meet communities’ needs; and embody the attitude and spirit of the NGO within your organisation’s ranks, there’s nothing you can’t achieve! But, what attitudes, values and skills have you NAMED/IDENTIFIED lately and/or ACTIVELY looked for in team members—from the volunteer level to the board level? In this hands-on session, we’ll work together to get to the core of finding the people who can and will drive your work) by: 1. using body mapping to develop profiles of optimal team members at all levels of your organisation; and 2. creating/highlighting strategies to find people who fit the bill. So, roll up your sleeves and get ready to uncover the head (attitude), heart (values) and hands (skills) that will take your organisation forward at every level.
Facilitators: Michele Matthews-Morancie, Agitate Media and Alicia Small, SHIFT! Caribbean
Storytellers: Debbie Lewis, Mamatoto Research & Birth Centre; Marina Hillaire-Bartlett, PSI-Caribbean; Zakiya Uzoma-Wadada, CANARI

Session #2 Video (Part 1 of 2): Finding The Right Fit: Identifying Values, Skills & Traits for Your Optimal Team

Session #2 Video (Part 2 of 2): Finding The Right Fit: Identifying Values, Skills & Traits for Your Optimal Team

SESSION 3: Come One, Come All Qualified: Strategic Volunteer Recruitment & Management

Are you so passionate about what your organisation does that you would work for free, if you could? Guess what! There are other people that would too and they CAN work for free! They are called volunteers. In this incisive and interactive session, we’ll be dicing up old attitudes about what volunteering is and what it means. We’re going to sauté sensational roles for volunteers within your organisation and innovative strategies to recruit people whose core values align with your organisation. Once that’s all cooked up, we are going to write a recipe for accountability for everyone involved in the form of a volunteer on-boarding package and then we are going to decorate our plate with a few ideas for keeping your volunteers motivated to do their very best work for your organisation.
Facilitators: Ryssa Brathwaite, Citizens Security Programme, Ministry of National Security and Melissa Matthews, Agitate Media
Subject Matter Expert/Storyteller: Paula Lucie-Smith [via Video], ALTA

Handout Session 3 

Case Study (video) Session 3  

Session 3 Video (Part 1 of 2): Come One, Come All Qualified: Strategic Volunteer Recruitment & Management

Session 3 Video (Part 2 of 2): Come One, Come All Qualified: Strategic Volunteer Recruitment & Management

SESSION 4: Busting the Myth that NGOs Can’t Fund and Pay their Staff Competitive Salaries

Is your NGO one that laments that it can’t pay its staff enough to secure and retain good management and program staff? Do you feel trapped in a vicious cycle where you never have enough money to pay for all the staff you want and then don’t have enough staff to fundraise? In this highly interactive session, we’ll explore strategies you can use to change this situation and move towards a stable, high-performing, well-paid staff who actively contribute to raising the funds needed to cover their salaries. Building on the story of the Caribbean Natural Resources Institute (CANARI), the facilitators will highlight key strategies that have allowed CANARI to pay its staff competitive salaries and benefits. Participants will be encouraged to reflect on their organisational strengths and weaknesses in each of these areas and identify what needs to change. Small group work based on a case study will provide a practical opportunity to apply the strategies.
Facilitators: Nicole Leotaud, CANARI and Sarah McIntosh, Agitate Media/CANARI
Subject Matter Expert/Storyteller: Nicole Leotaud, CANARI

Case Study Session 4 (link) and PowerPoint Session 4 (link)

Session 4 Video (Part 1 of 2): Busting the Myth that NGOs Can’t Fund and Pay their Staff Competitive Salaries

Session 4 Video (Part 2 of 2): Busting the Myth that NGOs Can’t Fund and Pay their Staff Competitive Salaries

OPENING PLENARY – Handout Opening Plenary (link

Activity #1. Walking the Talk Towards Effective HR Management

Activity #2. Breaking Down the Barriers to Success

CLOSING PLENARYGetting Your House in Order for Your Economic, Human Resource Upturn

Facilitators: Michele Matthews-Morancie and Melissa Mathews, Agitate Media; and Sarah McIntosh, Agitate Media/CANARI

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