Call for Proposals: Small Grants Programme – US Embassy Trinidad & Tobago

WHAT: The U.S. Embassy in Port of Spain seeks to fund creative and, sustainable projects that promote human rights, civilian security, youth outreach, entrepreneurship and good governance, while furthering peopleto-people and institutional ties between the United States and Trinidad and Tobago. The Embassy invites organizations to submit grant proposals through its Public Affairs Small Grants Program. Each project must contribute to societal and/or institutional growth in Trinidad and Tobago.

FUNDING: The maximum amount per award for each proposal is US$10,000. The U.S. Embassy Port of Spain reserves the right to award less or more than that requested by the applicant. Grant proposals with budgets less than $10,000 will receive special attention.

WHEN: All applications must be submitted to by 1st November 2015 or 1st March 2016.

ELIGIBILITY: Proposals from non-profits and/or NGOs, academic institutions, and social enterprises with offices headquartered in Trinidad and Tobago will be given preference. Please note that we will also accept applicants from U.S.-based institutions, they must show they are partnered with/or have already obtained on-the-ground support of a local organization.

PROPOSAL REQUIREMENTS: Proposals can include, but are not limited to: projects, seminars, conferences, workshops, cultural programs, exhibitions and, outreach campaigns. Proposals should have: a U.S. element; an outreach component using press and social media; a detailed and feasible monitoring and evaluation plan; and show sustainability of the project after funding has ended.

Proposals should address one of the following issues:

1) Governance and Human Rights: Improving respect for human rights by promoting inclusion of different ethnic groups, persons with disabilities, women and girls, the LGBT community, and others who might feel excluded from society.

2) Citizen Security: Addressing the needs of at-risk youth, particularly in underserved communities, and providing them with tools they need to improve their lives and communities. 3) Economic Growth: Encouraging entrepreneurship through innovative and sustainable development projects.

“Eligible project applicants are defined as reputable and accountable non-commercial entities, such as non-governmental organizations, museums, ministries of culture, or similar institutions and organizations that are able to demonstrate that they have the requisite experience and capacity to manage projects to preserve cultural heritage.”


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