Families in Action Wins the 2015 JB Fernandes Award for NGO Excellence in Trinidad and Tobago!

Families in Action is the 2015 recipient of the 2015 JB Fernandes Award for NGO Excellence in Trinidad and Tobago!

Families in Action was founded in 1986 to address the growing problem of drug addiction in Trinidad and Tobago, offering counselling and group support.

Today, the organisation has broadened its original scope to address a wide range of problems that affect the family, providing in-person counselling, a 24 hour helpline, addiction screening and group support, parent and youth education, along with employee assistance and workplace support.

These services have had a powerful impact on thousands of families and the larger community with benefits spanning multiple areas of family’s lives:

  • Program participants report improved family relationships
  • Parent-child communication improved
  • Increased academic and social performance and fewer conflicts in school
  • Domestic violence survivors more empowered to access counselling, protective and welfare services for themselves and their children

For example, leveraging its counselling expertise, last year Families in Action launched a school-based program ‘Together we Achieve Greatness’ (TAG) designed to reduce the risk of violence, aggression and delinquency among students.  The program was launched with the support of the Citizen Security Programme (CSP), an initiative of the Ministry of National Security.

Program sessions blended Life Skills, Peer Mentoring and Parenting Education to enhance communication and problem-solving skills of parents and youth, and by all accounts the program is a success.

Sixty-four percent of participants displayed an improved ability to manage and resolve conflicts with their peers and parents; 75 percent reported improved relationships with family members; and 70 percent of parent participants reported having adopted positive parenting strategies at the end of the program.

On the clinical side, the counselling services provided through Family in Action’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP), hotline and addiction support program have led to improved coping skills for clients seeking counselling or addiction support and client companies that access counselling and other EAP services.

Working every day with its staff, volunteers, funders and other stakeholders, Family in Action is succeeding in its mission ‘to promote healthy family life, balancing social, spiritual and psychological needs’ in Trinidad and Tobago.

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