4 Tips to Building Strong Relationships with Funders

1. Talk to Funders about Your Needs – Through consultations and informal conversations, communicate with potential and current donors about your funding needs – specific financial contributions, in- kind funding, level and duration of funding, etc.

2. Research Before You Approach – Spend a little time researching funders to determine what types of NGOs and projects they typically support and how their priorities and processes are evolving.

3. Make Contact Before Applying for Funding – Get to know funders before it’s time to seek funding. Make them aware of your organisation by network with them at events like the T&T NGO Professionals events, invite them to your special events, add them to your mailing list, etc.

4. Ask for Guidance – Seek advice from funders on how to write stronger grant proposals. Ask them directly about the most common challenges and the characteristics of successful funding applications.

These tips were originally featured at the 2014 T&T NGO Professionals Conference on postcards for our conference attendees! 

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