Trinidad & Tobago NGO News for September 2014

Civil society should interveneTrinidad & Tobago Express, 30th September 2014

NGOs receive US grants to combat gender-based violence, Stabroek News, 30th September 2014

Environment TOBAGO opposes the development of a marina in Petit Trou, The Tobago News, 28th September 2014 (Environment TOBAGO)

Keeping civil society going, Trinidad Guardian23rd September 2014

The healing power of ArtTrinidad and Tobago Newsday, 22nd September 2014 (Arts Insight)

A time for caring, Trinidad & Tobago Express, 22nd September 2014 (Women in Action for the Needy and Destitute – WAND)

Reema Carmona commends NGOs for ‘herculean efforts,’ Trinidad & Tobago Express, 19th September 2014

‘Red Cross gets the feminine touch,’ Trinidad Guardian, 13th September 2014

Fixin’ T&T fears for corruptionTrinidad Guardian, 9th September  2014 (Fixin’ T&T)

Tech tools to help autistic childrenTrinidad Guardian, 7th September 2014 (Autistic Society)

Hike in traffic fines goodTrinidad Guardian, 7th September 2014 (Arrive Alive)

Doing good for nation’s youthTrinidad Guardian, 4th September 2014 (The Be Good Do Good Foundation)

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