4 FREE High-Impact Communications Tactics for Your NGO

Growing Leaders Foundation Trinidad Tobago

Growing Leaders Foundation Website

1. ESTABLISH A WEBSITE – This is a must-do even it’s just a brochure-style website with basic information on the organisation.

At a minimum, include the following on your organisation’s website:

  • Mission and vision
  • Background on programs
  • Contact information
  • Electronic copies of annual reports
  • list of sponsors and funders (briefly describe what they have funded if possible)
  • News section with links/excerpts to press coverage and awards
  • Board member list and perhaps an organisational chart to help visitors understand your governance structure.

Given that you have complete editorial control here, your website should be the online source for information about the organization rather than your Facebook page or press coverage. Update the site regularly with organisation news, events, volunteer spotlights, job openings, etc. and be sure to include an email subscribe option to collect email addresses.

FREE RESOURCES: WordPress.com; Webs.com; Wix.com; Weebly.com, etc. all offer free turnkey website solutions and templates.

2.  SEND A MONTLHY EMAIL NEWSLETTER – How often do you proactively communicate with funders, members, board members, media, clients, and other stakeholders?

Aim to communicate with them monthly via an email newsletter.  The newsletter can be brief with updates on program news (make these results oriented whenever possible), excerpts and links to articles on your organisation, funding news, details on new partnerships, etc.  

Be sure to include organisational contact information, links to your organisation’s website and any social media websites, and an unsubscribe option. And keep in mind that the content from this monthly newsletter can and should be repurposed for other uses like your Facebook page and updates for the organisation’s website.

FREE RESOURCES: Email marketing services like MailChimp.com (MailChimp Resources/Guides for Nonprofts) or your organizational email address.

3.  GET ON FACEBOOK – Does your organisation already have a Facebook page? Are you updating your page with mix of text, photo and video status updates at least twice a week?

Here are four easy ways to use Facebook to engage your organisation’s members, volunteers, donors and other stakeholders:

  • Broadcast news – Post status updates on organisational news, events, programs and projects; links to any organisational media coverage.
  • Recruit and recognize volunteers – Post pictures and thank you messages for current volunteers (ask volunteers to tag themselves) and post messages about your organisation’s volunteer needs (make it easy for volunteers to sign up with contact information or link to online volunteer registration form.
  • Post and publicize events – Use Facebook’s event management tool to promote your organisation’s events and manage event RSVPs.
  • Thank funders and donors – You can thank funders in status updates (don’t forget to tag the sponsor); list them in your likes (make sure they’re one of your “Featured likes”); and in the Basic Information’s About section on your Facebook page.

4.  NETWORK REGULARLY – This is an easy, but often overlooked communication tactic.

Here a few networking opportunities:


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