5 Conference Networking Tips: 2014 T&T NGO Professionals Conference

Networking T&T NGO Professionals Conference

1. Make a Plan – Determine who you want to meet before the 2014 T&T NGO Professionals Conference by perusing the conference’s attendee list and agenda, which lists the speakers.  Also, once you’re onsite at the conference, use our special T&T NGO Knowledge Board to list your area(s) of expertise or an area of nonprofit management you want to learn more about and be matched with like-minded organisations.

2. Participate in the Conference Networking Activities & Events – Check out networking activities and events listed in the Conference Networking document including the Donor-Grantee Roundtable session (9am-10:30am) and the Funders-NGO Networking Reception (10:30am-11am) on day one of the conference and the Birds of a Feather Networking Lunch on day two (12:30 pm-2pm).

3. Be Neighborly – Sounds simple right?  But make a point of sitting next to people that you do not know and getting to know them during the opening plenary, workshop sessions, lunches and other conference activities.

4. Don’t Forget Your Business Cards – Bring more cards than you think you will need!  Keep a few in your pockets, purse and even your conference bag.  As you’re collecting cards, take the extra step and write down on the back of the card any pertinent details about the person and their organisation.  Also, try to collect as many cards as you give out.

5. Ask Meaningful Questions Take the time to understand the needs, goals, and concerns of your peers in the sector.  Ask yourself, “How can I best help this person?” rather than “How can this person help me?”

BONUS TIPS – Use the T&T NGO Social Media accounts to help you network after the conference where we post NGO news, information on funding opportunities, special events and more for civil society organisations in Trinidad & Tobago:

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