Q&A with a Donor: Scotiabank Trinidad & Tobago Foundation

Scotiabank Foundation Trinidad TobagoQ. What area(s) of nonprofit/charitable work does Scotiabank Trinidad and Tobago Foundation typically fund?

A. The Scotiabank Trinidad and Tobago Foundation supports funding for social programmes primarily focused on youth development in the areas of sport, education, culture and wellness.  Initiatives that support community improvement in these areas are also funded for communities in which the Bank operates. Funding for programmes is disbursed through registered NGOs and organizations.

Q. Can you provide examples of specific organizations and projects/programmes that the Foundation supports?

A. The Scotiabank Trinidad and Tobago Foundation fulfills its philanthropy works through partnerships with organizations and registered NGOs working with youth and community development in the areas of sport, education, culture and wellness. These organizations include the Scout Association of Trinidad and Tobago, Families In Action, The A.R.R.O.W. FoundationJunior Achievement of  Trinidad & Tobago, The Harvard Club, Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board, Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee and United Way of Trinidad and Tobago.
Link to a 2014 press release on the Scotiabank T&T Foundation’s grantmaking activities.

Q. Does the Foundation provide other types of support such as in-kind support (e.g., executive loan programme, financial planning for NGOs, professional workshops for NGO staff, etc.)?

A. Yes. Staff volunteerism plays an important role in the development of the communities in which Scotiabank operates and in creating a brighter future for young people. Volunteerism is supported throughout the year for specific projects and financial management programmes. Annually, there is a dedicated focus on community projects traditionally to refurbish facilities for schools, special purpose homes and community centres.

Q. What are the three most important factors in deciding to provide funding for an NGO programme or project?

A. The three (3) most important funding criteria for any project:

  1. The organization or partner must be a locally, registered organization;
  2. The project must be one that will benefit local development of youth and communities in the areas of sport, education, culture, and wellness.
  3. The NGO must have a sound reputation and track record in delivering to their mandate.

Q. Are there projects/programmes that the Foundation does not fund?

A. Projects are not funded from the following:

  • Service clubs and fraternal organizations
  • Political/advocacy groups
  • Individuals seeking funding for their own benefit

Q. Does the Foundation have a funding application cycle (i.e., are there specific time(s) during the year when you accept formal funding requests)?

A. Funding requests are reviewed weekly.

Q. Are previous grantees eligible for new funding from the Foundation?

A. Previous grantees are eligible for new funding, provided that they meet the criteria for funding and their funding request is not within the same fiscal year.


“To request funding from the Foundation, “please submit a detailed proposal, download our Foundation Funding Request form and mail to:”

Heidi Bason
General Manager, Marketing
Scotiabank Trinidad and Tobago Limited
56-58 Richmond Street
Or e-mail to heidi.bason@scotiabank.com

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