Calculating the Economic Impact of Your Volunteers

$139.46 TT per hour.

That’s approximately the monetary value of one (1) volunteer service hour to your organisation (if you used the U.S. 2011 hourly rate (US $21.79/hour) for the value of volunteer time).

Non-profit organisations in Trinidad and Tobago that use volunteers are tracking their volunteer hours, but many are not focused on determining (and reporting) the economic impact of the organisation volunteers.  Carefully tracking volunteer time and its economic impact can be an important output and data point that can be shared with organisation funders and other stakeholders.

Here’s an easy tool that will help you calculate the economic impact of your volunteers’ hours – Economic Impact Of Volunteers Calculator.

Developed by the Points of Light Institute, the calculator “estimates the appropriate wage rate for volunteer time based on what the person does.” Organizations can use the Calculator to determine the value of the time their volunteers give doing a wide variety of volunteer jobs.”

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