5 “New” Media Targets for NGOs in Trinidad & Tobago

Do you only target the three big national daily newspapers – The Trinidad Guardian, Trinidad & Tobago Newsday and Trinidad Express – to cover news about your non-profit organisation?

Think outside the box and approach Trinidad and Tobago’s weekly/monthly newspapers and online media outlets.  Pitch these publications with traditional organisational press releases, ongoing guest columns, letters to the editor, opinion pieces or feature articles.  Your pitches can focus on your nonprofit’s work in the community, success stories about the recipients of the organisation’s services, interviews with an organisational founder or leader, and much more.

Here are four publications in Trinidad and Tobago to add to your media outreach list:

1.  TnT Mirror – Despite the TnT Mirror’s tagline “Get the Real Story,” softer news pitches from non-profits and community organisations are welcome.  The TnT Mirror has Friday and Sunday editions.  Email: ttnews@tstt.net.tt.  Phone: (868) 645-3364.

2. The Tobago News – Tobago’s only newspaper is published on Fridays.  Local NGO, Environment Tobago has a regular column in the paper, which is penned by Joane Seewal.  If your organisation is based in or does any work in Tobago, pitch this paper to reach Tobago readers.  Email: ccngroupc@tstt.net.tt.

3.  The Westerly – Serving the “West” this monthly community magazine has a distribution of 5,000 copies to homes/businesses in West Trinidad and welcomes pitches from non-profit organisations.  Email: thewesterlyonline@hotmail.com or the_westerly@yahoo.com. Phone: (868) 387-2731 (Westerly Online) or (868) 778-8205 (The Westerly).  The Westerly’s sister publication, The Northerly services North Trinidad.

4.  SouthTnT – An online portal with an active Facebook Page, South TnT covers all things “South” from businesses and people to NGO activities in South Trinidad.  The “Community In Focus” section shines a “spotlight on community activities and initiatives” like the Overall Youth Empowerment and Action Youth Group (O.Y.E.A.) or the Darren Ganga Foundation.  SouthTnT publishes new content every Wednesday.  Email: info@southtnt.com.  Phone: (868) 290-7236.

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