4 Media Tips for T&T NGOs Pulled from Media Coverage

Most non-profit articles, op-eds, letters-to-the-editor, and even community announcements offer valuable media tactics and information for NGOs, CBOs and civil service organizations.

Here are the five clips that we have chosen to highlight that offer insights that you can use:

1.  Getting worse to get better, Jan. 29, Trinidad & Tobago Guardian
(Adult Literacy Tutors Association of Trinidad and Tobago (ALTA TT)
Q: Mrs Lucie-Smith, how big a problem is adult literacy in Trinidad and Tobago?
A: (At her Circular Road, Belmont, office Tuesday afternoon) It is an issue that we don’t really recognise usually, and now it is being termed a problem which makes it feel as if it was never a problem before…

TAKE HOME TIP FOR NGOs – Consider approaching media outlets with a Question & Answer pitch*. Most reporters will appreciate this fresh approach rather than the typical press release pitch. As you can see from this example, a Q & A article can be more conversational and effectively draw the reader into the story about your organization.

2.  A constant battle, Jan. 8, Trinidad Express

(Bovell Cancer Diabetes Foundation (BCDF))
Adelia Bovell has been waging a war against two major health concerns that affect hundreds of people around the world: cancer and diabetes. The second leading cause of death in Trinidad and Tobago, this country also has one of the highest incidences of diabetes…

TAKE HOME TIPS FOR NGOs – This article does three things very well: Educates the reader about the Bovell Cancer Diabetes Foundation; Provides vital information upfront in the article about diabetes in T&T, establishing the need for such an organization; and lastly shares a personal story about an extraordinary individual, the organization’s founder.

The key here is to develop a media pitch based on an interesting individual related to the organization and “tell the story” via a person, rather than the same organizational pitch. Remember the individual can be the founder, a committed volunteer or even a recipient of the organization’s services. Secondly, ensure that your pitch includes statistics/data that clearly outline the community needs that the organization is meeting.

3.  Tobago NGOs, CBOs get bpTT training, Jan. 16, Trinidad & Tobago Newsday
Non-governmental and community-based organisations (NGOs and CBOs) across Tobago have gained a significant advantage through capacity training organised by energy company BP Trinidad and Tobago held recently…

4.  NGOs, CBOs benefit from bpTT workshops, Jan. 9 Trinidad & Tobago Newsday
The promise of a better Mayaro community rests firmly in the hands of participants who recently graduated from a series of capacity-building workshops for non-governmental and community-based organisations (NGOs and CBOs)…

TAKE HOME TIP FOR NGOs – There’s one easy tip for these two clips – take note of the corporation offering the workshop. Using the name of the contact mentioned in the article, contact the company to be added to their mailing list for any future workshops and other professional opportunities. (This is a great opportunity for a soft introduction to a potential funder and hopefully a long-term relationship.)

5.  BG Trinidad and Tobago’s contribution to society, Dec. 10, Trinidad Express
BG Trinidad & Tobago recognises the potential impact it can have as a company on the socio-economic development of the communities and of Trinidad and Tobago as a whole. The company, which is the sponsor of the upcoming Heather Headley in Concert on December 17 will donate the proceeds to two organisations (FEEL) The Foundation for the Enhancement and Enrichment of Life and United Way of Trinidad and Tobago (UWTT).

TAKE HOME TIP FOR NGOs – Like clips four and five, this tip is about funding. Read the full article and not only note the company funder, but also the types of organizations (and the work they do) that are receiving funding from the corporation.  Is there synergy or similarities between your organization’s mission/activities and those mentioned in the article?  If the answer is yes, add this company to your list of potential funders.

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